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Important Tips For Growth of Your Business

It is a fact that not all shops in the same market do equally well, despite selling the same wares. Some shops are more popular and appear to attract larger crowds. As a result, they do brisk business. Others however, remain empty, despite alluring interiors and promotional gimmicks. We may think that the nature of the shop owners or their salesmanship skills makes them popular and win them dedicated customers. But the location of the shop, exteriors including the slope and shape of the plot, placement of interiors, direction for the entrance, exit etc. also plays equally important role in making a shop/business prosper.

Directions, as per vaastu, beneficial for helping financial prosperity are the north and north-east where as east is considered as the direction of name and fame. The north direction is of Kuber, the Lord of Wealth. It should be ensured that other directions do not have any negative influence related to finances and are as per Vaastu principles.

Every business has influence of specific factor of PanchMahabhute on it. The direction where this Tatva (Factor) is present should be the direction of entrance door of the shop.

Following are the various shops or businesses should have entrance door

Normally door north east is believed to be beneficial for all the businesses. Especially for garment, paper, education, food, sweets, chemist, hotels.
Door at South East is beneficial for shops i.e.  Air-conditioning, luxurious things , computer, power inverters, industrial factories, Hotels, beauty parlors.
Door at South West is beneficial for wine shop, coal, tiers, metal, marble, granite.

Door at North West is beneficial for various types of shops like Perfumes and Fragrances, Telecommunication. And business related all this i.e. PCO, mobile phone shops, or things used in sales and promotion i.e. stationery, business related ladies, fertilizers, pipes, seeds.

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